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Digital Smile Design (DSD)

 technology allows Brener Clinic

to analyse and design the

most natural and aesthetic

smile makeover

Brener Clinic uses state of the art Digital Smile Design (DSD) technology to analyse and design a new smile for those who have missing, broken and damaged some or all of their teeth. Using DSD Brener Clinic helps you regain a naturally beautiful smile, increasing your confidence and feeling of well being.


The proportions between your teeth and face directly affect the beauty and harmony of your face. Brener Clinic uses DSD (including photography and video capture) together with multidisciplinary study to enter your face, smile and the exact dimensions of your teeth into the computer. Brener Clinic then meticulously makes clinical analyses and custom designs the angulation and position for your new teeth digitally, adjusting them to be compatible with your unique face and personality.


Importantly, DSD provides us with a digital rendition of your face and smile results. Using this digital rendition we provide you with a temporary dental mock-up to trial and approve before your final permanent smile makeover restoration treatment is carried out. You participate in this process, and can express your own desires and expectations.


Brener Clinic uses our vaste experience and expertise in all aspects of tooth restoration to carry out your final treatment.


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Brener Clinic are Experts in Digital Smile Design (DSD)

Brener Clinic's Dr Dan Brener is a certified Master DSD clinician.

The Benefits of Digital Smile Design (DSD)

- Enables us to design restorations compatible with your unique face and personality

- Allows Brener Clinic to digitally plan all stages of treatment in detail

- Provides you with photo and video capture of your makeover smile

- Allows you to trial a temporary "mock-up" over your teeth before the actual dental procedure is carried out

-  Increases your comfort level since the permanent dental restorations will look the same as the "mock-up" restorations as they are built using the same digital data

- Allows you to follow the treatment process more easily

- Increases your confidence since you participate in the makeover process and approve the result before actual dental procedure is carried out

- Shortens the treatment period

"You've got to be careful if you

don't know where you're going

'cause you might not get there."


Yogi Berra

All patients are evaluated by Brener Clinic with a thorough history and physical examination prior to any services being performed. Not all patients are good candidates for these types of procedures. When a patient is found not to be a good candidate no treatment is offered or rendered. Results of individual treatments may vary.


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